Daily Deviate Issue 12

High Resolution PDF of the above Issue


Full Baddtank Interview

DD: Is it badtank or baddtank?

Baddtank: It’s typically Badtank but since it was taken here I decided to go with Baddtank since we had started calling the server double d as soon as we started talking about it as an option. D for Double D seemed better than my normal back up of RealBadtank

DD: Tell us a little about the history of entitled

Baddtank: Well we go a very, very long ways back unfortunately. Technically the guild started a long time before we called ourselves  <Entitled> (which is a whole other story, the early months of nost were something, to be sure.) The guild in all reality grounds itself back to two people, myself and biobooster. We met all the back in 2011 on some shitty pserver and we’ve been together ever since across a hell of a lot of games, not just WoW.  The rest of the colorful crew has been picked over the course of the last six or seven years. With most of my long term players being with me for four years or more.

DD: Where did you guys come from and more importantly why did you guys choose deviate delight?

Baddtank: On classic we came from Fairbanks. We picked Deviate Delight over the other options we felt would work for us for a handful of reasons. The first being the core of officers had a strong history both with and without me on much, much smaller TBC servers ones that Deviate Delight almost makes look like a full pop server. We generally feel much more at home on a  server that allows you have a chance at engaging in all content, not being so overpopulated simple tasks like farming become either impossible or nightmarish. 

The complete lack of limited resources, I.E. World Bosses, Black Lotus etc. , for those that want to use them was also a incredibly disheartening future we felt if stuck on Fairbanks. There just simply physically isn’t enough to go around and even though things like flasks are not needed for how braindead this content is, and likely future content at this rate, it sucks to have to pay such a steep price if you decide you want to do content in a way that uses them.

This problem was going to exist at a various degree no matter which of the higher, or even medium pop listings we had been looking at. So it came down to taking a coinflip on a more balance medium pop server and looking at the worst case being a second transfer in 90 days to the worst case here being a dead server. We had experience with the latter, so it was a clear cut to me. There were other factors but getting into them would take up even more space than this already has. Suffice to say the community seemed tame comparatively, the worst-case options looked better and I felt it would force the guild to double down on improving inwards.

DD: A lot of people are concerned that you guys are messing up pvp brackets for us. What are you doing to alleviate that?

Baddtank: We’ve set up a bracket stack that has made it a lot easier to both rank as well as having a better picture for the investment of your time you will need to put in. If you’re looking to get involved in this please contact Indubitably [A]


DD: Do you even rp?

Baddtank: I sneakily got my entire guild onto an RP server where my RP gang can run DnD sessions in game without the rest of the core being able to roll their eyes at us. I’m a long time RPer and most games I play when given an RP option I defer to that, with either Dark Hersey or 3.5 taking the cake for pen and paper. Sandbox games require you to make your own story and content, RP servers allow that to a much greater freedom. I tend to end up playing survival games on RP-PVP servers for the same reason. We have a pretty strong base of players who love roleplaying and are extra stoked they get to do it while playing WoW. When players have a limited ruleset of not being dickheads to each other as the standard some great engaging gameplay can happen. My full character name is actually John “Badtank” Smith which is supposed to be my stories draw to the irrelevance of a birth name and more of the one his mercenary company gave him since his original name was so generic and faceless but explaining that makes me sound like a pretentious  ass on top of being deluded and arrogant, and I gotta draw the line somewhere.

DD: What are some misconceptions people have of you and Entitled?

Baddtank: The biggest misconception is most assuredly either that the entire guild is reflective of me in world chat or that even I believe half the shit I say. We’re shitposters through and through, and ruffling feathers in world chats has always been a pastime of mine. Talking shit to someone gives them a great incentive to stomp you and motivate your own players to try just as hard to get back at them when they do. When everyone does this in good faith and understands that the people behind the keyboards are mostly just giving each other shit, the result is a good fucking time. Unfortunately, people get a little too wrapped up in MMO’s and lose that sense of where their character ends and they begin. Which isn’t to say I don’t do the same shit myself, it’s an easy habit to slip into. It’s not far off from why we struggle so often with understanding that someone attacking something we like isn’t an attack on yourself.

It gets even more muddled when any attempt at honesty gets easily met with complaints of backpedaling, moving the goalposts around or just deflecting criticism of yourself. In summation, I guess it’s that I wouldn’t take the person you see over text from any person in my guild as reflective of what that person is like on voice comms or in a group with you. I’d take the time to make that judgment yourself and it’s still go fuck yourself well shit I can’t fault you.

End of the day both myself and others in my guild say and do dumb shit but we’ll almost always be the first to admit and apologize so we can move forward. Someone comes to me and wants to let me know I’ve legitimately offended them or they want to make amends over some dumb shit in a video game I’m never gonna be the person to say no.  Personally, I really struggle with holding a grudge and I’ve just got too much other shit on my plate to hate someone for more than a week but I do really love me some shitposting fresh in the morning.

DD: What’s the culture like in your guild? And Is there a process for joining?

Baddtank: We’re all over the place, which is pretty natural for a guild that’s been together this long across so many places on the planet. If I had to pick a single mode for the entire guild thought it would have to be retired tryhards. We enjoy trying, improving and pushing each other but we compete more just to see what we can do for ourselves then accolades. I want to know I did my best for me and my raid and most of my players feel the same way, outside of a few who might love shitposting even more than I do. We have a pretty simple joining process, we take most anyone as a casual but to move up to a raid team you have to contact the class lead for the team you’re trying to join and it’s pretty limited and we tend to broadcast our needs for teams within the guild before branching out much. Our policy has always been to cast a wide net and draw it in and pull out the best possible catch. Vanilla and TBC are just usually player meat grinders and expecting up to 60% drop off from your initial recruitment roster is not outside of the norm so we’ve always had an open-door policy to new faces to earn a spot on merit.

I’ve found recruitment to be best when slowly steeping a person into guild culture and seeing if they think they fit in then focusing on performance-based questions. This game is incredibly easy and a terrible player can be turned into a solid one with simply the right raid environment and being surrounded by players that push that player to try harder all on their own. My own biggest cultural policy has always been to target my recruitment at players who generally referred to themselves as bad because I’ve always found it takes a fair amount of game knowledge to even know you’re bad. Truly bad players think they’re hot shit or have no clue while players who identify as bad are usually just missing the right raid environment.

I’ve tried to shape our culture around that as our base ideal, which results in a lot of shittalking to each other in guild but with the idea that we would rather give you shit to force you to get better so your friends stop giving you shit versus improving because some neckbeard yelled at you in vent. Or at least to keep that last part to a minimum.

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